samba trash can

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Tue Jun 15 04:44:56 GMT 1999

> I saw similar questions to mine in the archive, but alas, no answers
 > I'd like to write a script so that when a user deletes a file in samba
 > share, the file is instead moved to a "trash can" directory, which could
 > then be emptied at leisure with cron. In a fit of brillance, I thought I
 > could simply replace rm with said script but then I read that samba
 > use rm. Is this true? Any success or failiure stories to share?

   u r right. samba doesn't use rm.
   i need a samba trash-can too.
   there are people doing this job before. and maybe they will save us from
   accident-deleting hell in a few days.
   wait and try our best to do the test for their working :)

   Best Regards,

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