samba undelete function

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Tue Jun 15 04:36:59 GMT 1999

>Actually I wrote a hack for this functionality myself about a year back;
>it was simply a matter of rewriting the unlink() routine, so that not only
>would it keep a copy of a file before being deleted, but also
>keep several revisions of the file.

>If interested, I'm sure I can dig up the code somewhere...


  Yes! i'm very interested...
  if u can release the patch code i think many samba users will say
  thanks to u :0

  and my little suggestion, if user can add something at smb.conf like

  protected dir = /home/share,/home/users1
  trashcan = /smbtrash

  than it would be easy to use...
  there is another person at the samba-list used to do the "unlink"
  replacement berfore. maybe u can contact him...
  i will try my best to test ur working result.
  thanks for ur reply !!!

  Best Regards,

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