Reply¡GAgain! need undelete function !!!

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 ¥D¦®¡G     Again! need undelete function !!!                   

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You wrote:
| Actually I wrote a hack for this functionality myself about a year
| it was simply a matter of rewriting the unlink() routine, so that not
| only would it keep a copy of a file before being deleted, but also
| keep several revisions of the file.

     In a previous life, I implemented a version of the
     VMS-like versioned files by changing open on a non-u
     system.  Users could then clean up by using the equivalent
     of find -name '*;1' -exec rm {] \;

     I like changing unlink better, so that one could
     subsequently say 'rm foo;1' and have it really disappear.

Yes! this is the function i need ! (and i think many others need that
Cound u implement this function at samba , so that people using samba
at all platforms can benefit at ur idea .....
There is another person at the samba-list seems done the similar
 work as u do. maybe u can contact him....
 sorry i don't have the ability of coding. but i can try my best to test ur
 working result.
 thanks a lot !!!

 ps: my little suggestion: if we add some parameters at smb.conf like
        protected dir = /home/share, /home/user1 ;
        trashcan dir = /smbtrash ;

 it would be easy to use.  anyway, thanks for ur reply!

Best Regards,

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