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Levent Gündogdu levon at
Tue Jun 15 00:29:31 GMT 1999

Hello Frank, Hello Adam.

Did you install the registry files to enable plain text passwords?
The files reside in the docs directory of the samba distribution and are called

Hope it helps.


Frank Oh wrote:

> I just started learning about Samba and I am having exactly same problem
> that you encounter with IPC$ thing. I was wondering were you able to find
> any solution. It would be great helpful. Thank you.
> At 08:29 AM 4/25/99 +1000, you wrote:
> >Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 18:16:36 -0400
> >From: Adam Schrotenboer <ajschrotenboer at>
> >To: samba at
> >Subject: Setting up SMB Server
> >Message-ID: <372242C4.477A595F at>
> >
> >In the docs there is a reference to a nonexistent section, 1.4.x, which
> >is supposed to have information for setting up shares. I cannot find
> >this section in any of the FAQ's I have, and would like some help.
> >
> >I am able to access other SMB servers (Win98), but unable to allow them
> >to access me.
> >
> >The computer is listed on the other computers, but I cannot make them
> >browse. I have set up a guest account, and tried that pwd.
> >
> >Anyway, Win98 says that a password is req'd for \\Server\$IPC, and I
> >tried a number of different pwds, the ones I set up for these accounts,
> >and I am always told that that is the wrong pwd. Encryption is turned on
> >in the smb.conf, and after each change in smb.con I run samba restart.

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