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Steve Grose sgrose at
Mon Jun 14 18:20:31 GMT 1999

Hello Everyone,

I recently installed a MSCLIENT machine each time it writes to my samba
2.04b share it produces all uppercase filenames. Is the best way to handle
this with

"preserve case = yes/no" controls if new files are created with the case
that the client passes, or if they are forced to be the "default" case.
Default Yes.

"short preserve case = yes/no" controls if new files which conform to 8.3
syntax, that is all in upper case and of suitable length, are created upper
case, or if they are forced to be the "default" case. This option can be use
with "preserve case = yes" to permit long filenames to retain their case,
while short names are lowered. Default Yes

Although both are defaulted to yes, I was hoping that msclient has a switch
to toggle the case. Just might be too sophisticated for MSCLIENT though. :)

Thanks In Advance!

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