Doubt on browsing across subnets

Ariel_Orellana at Ariel_Orellana at
Mon Jun 14 15:57:47 GMT 1999

Hi everyone,

I'm getting roughed up trying a new setup on my server.  I tried this 
with 1.9.18p10 and now with 2.0.3, first I want to see if I'm getting 
this correctly and then if there's a solution to what I think is 

I have the following setup:

One server with two NICs IP1=, IP2=, SM = (BTW, these are internal IPs, not internet ones).  The 
second server handles routing across the two subnets.
I have another router that handles traffic to the the corporate WAN.  
Traffic between subnets flows correctly, as does traffic to other 
networks.  No problem routing.

Now, I think I understand BROWSING.txt, but let me write my train of 
thought here and you guys can correct me.

The 2nd server (the one with two NICs) has been configured as follows:

preferred master = yes
local master = yes
domain master = yes
browse list = yes
os level = 33
wins support = yes
dns proxy = yes
workgroup = INFORMATICA

Now, I have no NT server (fortunately).

Clients in workgroup INFORMATICA have no problem seeing members of same 
workgroup on the other subnet, thanks to the SAMBA WINS server.  I can 
even see a listing of all other workgroups, but when I try to browse 
the other workgroups that are on the other subnet I can't see any 
computers in those groups.  If I search for a specific PC, I will 
locate it and be able to access it, no matter on what subnet it is.  I 
believe this is normal behavior, acording to docs.  Everyone registers 
on the WINS server, SAMBA collates browse lists for the workgroup, 
yadda, yadda...

Now, my doubt (question) is this

Is there anyway to have SAMBA collate browse lists for ALL workgroups 
in these 2 subnets?

If the answer is no, when SAMBA handles PDC functions, will these be a 

Thanks for your time
Ariel R. Orellana

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