Subnet Browsing, Halfway There

Michal Jezierski heja at
Mon Jun 14 13:26:53 GMT 1999

Steve Meisner wrote:
> I have a network which consists of two subnets, each with a linux server
> providing Samba services.  With the configuration listed below, I have
> successfully achieved Subnet B being able to browse Subnet A but, Subnet
> A cannot browse Subnet B (sharename not found).  Is it a Samba
> configuration issue or is it DNS?  (I have it fixed if I put an
> /etc/lmhosts file on Linux Server A that has the host names and IP
> addresses of Subnet B).

You have WINS, and if configured properly, this is not the problem with

> LAN A (10.1.1.*) <----><--->| Linux Server A |<---><---> LAN B (10.1.2.*) <--->| Linux Server B |
>         workgroup = W2WENGR
>         remote announce =
>         remote browse sync =
>         workgroup = TECSTAR
>         remote announce =
>         remote browse sync =

You shall put the workgroup name of the other server in remote announce
(e.g. remote announce =, or the other way round), and
put both subnets in remote browse sync. There are other possibilities, I
think, but your setup will definitely not work.

Hope this helps.


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