Trusted domain problem

Mattias Rönnblom hofors at
Mon Jun 14 09:54:58 GMT 1999


We have a NT domain A and a NT domain B. In A we have a number
of users and in B we have none. It is said to me that B
"trusts" A. The machine P is the PDC (running NT).

A UNIX machine M is running Samba 2.0.4 and is a member of
domain B (I've used smbpasswd to add it and it worked just fine).

smb.conf on M:

security = domain
password server = P
workgroup = B
netbios name = M
encrypt passwords = true

I would like that user-password-pairs supplied by clients to
M will be authenticated in the domain A. Is that possible
with Samba? If, how? With the above setup I get

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user avaliduser in domain B to Domain controller P. Error was NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER.

in my logg files.

I'm not quite sure how to tell the PDC that user avaliduser is in
domain A and not B. If I set workgroup = B I'll get an error.

I've read the LinuxWorld article and some txt-files included in
the Samba distribution but they only cover the case when M
is a member of domain A.

My knownledge in NT domains is _very_ limited, so I guess I don't
really know what I'm doing. :)


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   this list.

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