Can nmbd re-register itself with a WINS server?

Bousfield Peter Peter.Bousfield at
Mon Jun 14 06:29:23 GMT 1999


We are running samba 2.0.0 on solaris 2.6.
We have security = domain and server = localNTbox.
When nmbd starts up it registers itself with the localNTbox, which is a WINS
After a period of time other WINS servers in our network synchronize and all
on the network can access the samba server.

After 24 days the WINS server tombstones the samba server entry - presumably
'cause it
has not re-registered. After synchronization all the WINS servers have the
samba server 
tombstoned!! Now no machines can access (via WINS) the samba server.
I can still connect using smbclient and nmblookup works.

To get the WINS servers to "see" the samba server again I have to stop and
start nmbd.

Is there anyway that nmbd can re-register itself with the WINS server, or is
there something
wrong with my configuration?

peter bousfield

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