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Matt Cudworth matthew.cudworth at
Mon Jun 14 00:00:45 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I have a large (500 client) network here with Samba running
the show [Replaced Novell/NT]. There a couple of features
that "should" be very easy to implement that would be
extremely useful in a Corporate Environment.

[1]  Using the Samba logging it appears to be difficult to get
      an audit trail of who deleted what ? and when ?. Turning
      the logging level up degrades performance far too much
      when the deletion is the bit of interest.

[2] Have a feature like Novell where you can specify per share
     a deleted file cache. This could be implemented quickly by
     changing the delete command to a move command. That
     would eliminate 99% of backup requests.

Matt Cudworth
Unix Sys Admin
Tait Electronics Ltd, New Zealand
+64 03 3583399

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