Again! need undelete function !!!

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Sat Jun 12 09:55:39 GMT 1999

Today our Novell file server attacked by the virus "Explore worm".
  many word & excel & powerpoint files are deletetd and the file size
become 0.
 with novell's utility, it is just easy to recover the deleted files.
although the same
files is deleted several times, we can find the original back.
>From long time ago, we are  trying to use samba instead of novell.
the powerful undelete function is the only reason that we still use novell
and we are right. with samba, we will get big trouble today.
we just need a trash can to put the deleted files and a crontab to empty
trash can.
Mabe samba can add this ability in the future?
thanks for reply !

Best Regards,

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