Problem with Solaris disk quotas

Tim Villa - faculties tim at
Sat Jun 12 06:53:54 GMT 1999

The disk free space is being incorrectly reported on our Sun boxes,
running Solaris 2.6 and 2.5.1 and Samba 2.0.4b

At debug level 5, log.smb reports:

[1999/06/12 14:49:07, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(268)
  disk_quotas: looking for path "." devno=254000004
[1999/06/12 14:49:07, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(318)
  disk_quotas: looking for quotas file "/home/rand/quotas"
[1999/06/12 14:49:07, 5] smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(337)
  disk_quotas ioctl (Solaris) failed. Error = Inappropriate ioctl for device

Sun's explanation of this error message is:

"Inappropriate ioctl for device

This is a programming error.

Ask the program's author to fix this condition. The program needs
to be changed so it employs a device driver that can accept
special character device controls.

The ioctl() system call was given as an argument for a file that
is not a special character device. This message replaces the
traditional but puzzling "Not a typewriter" message.

The symbolic name for this error is ENOTTY, errno=25."

Our disk free space/quota remaining appears to have stopped working once
we moved from 1.9.18pX to 2.0.x, although the code in quotas.c appears
to have not been modified since 1.9 which is a bit odd.

Has anyone worked around this or is there a known fix?  I've had a muck
around with the code but haven't found a fix as yet.

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