HP-UX 10.20 Trusted Systems (SAMBA digest 2126)

Dirk De Wachter Dirk.DeWachter at rug.ac.be
Fri Jun 11 16:41:37 GMT 1999

>      Hello,
>         We are running HP-UX 10.20 trusted systems and Samba 1.9.18p2.  
>      Samba is not authenticating the user password from the /etc/passwd 
>      file because the passwords are not encrypted in this file.
>         Does anyone have an idea on how to get around this issue?  One 
>      option could be smbpasswd, but the SAs are not happy with this option.
Dear Joe,

How about trying the new Samba 2.04b? This version should 
automagically detect at './configure' time that shadow passwords 
should be used. I cannot confirm this really, as I'm using a domain 
server for passwords and otherwise the smbpasswd.

Best regards,

Dirk De Wachter
Hydraulics Laboratory, University of Gent, Belgium

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