Can't access Samba server from Windows NT

Leo Crombach lcrombach at
Fri Jun 11 14:04:11 GMT 1999

Samba Masters:

I have a couple of Windows NT machines (server and workstation) that are
having difficulty accessing a Samba server (1.9.17p4).  When I try to
connect from the NT box to the Samba server I get the error message
"Account unauthorized to login from this station."  The NT machines are not
configured to participate in a Windows NT domain (although I tried that to
see if it would make a difference - it didn't).  The machines are
configured to participate in a workgroup (pcnet) and the Samba server has
workgroup = pcnet in smb.conf.  The Samba server is not configured as a
domain controller, master browser, preferred master, local master, etc.
Security on the Samba server is set to user.  Also, I enabled plain
passwords on the NT machines.

Your help and guidance would be appreciated.
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