2.0.4b binaries for SCO OS5 available

Stephen Davies scldad at sdc.com.au
Fri Jun 11 12:25:27 GMT 1999


I have put a tgz of all of the 2.0.4b Samba binaries for SCO OS5 into 
/pub/SCO_Samba  at ftp.sdc.com.au / www.sdc.com.au.

It is larger than before but gcc still produces binaries of about 1/2 to 1/3 
the size of those from the native equivalent.

gunzip for SCO is in the same directory.

Some people have reported problems accessing these files via the web. So far 
as I can tell, these are caused by firewalls at their end rather than at mine 
as other people have no problems.


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