Actions on Samba events

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Thu Jun 10 23:19:18 GMT 1999

	On the lines of the following post, is it possible to have samba
	invoke a shell command along the lines of 'root preexec'  etc.
	for most of the useful Samba events?

	This would allow very powerful and flexible customisation of
	Samba installations.

	The following query would then be solved by having smbclient
	send a message.

	A few events I can think of would be:-

	Initial log-on.
	Auto reconnects
	Auto disconnects
	quota soft limit
	quota hard limit
	file open
	file close
	directory open
	directory close

	Some of these would be useful in working around M$ limitations:

	EG.   When Word edits a file, a new file is created, not necessarily
	with the same ownership and permissions as the original.  A script
	run on file close could correct these.

	The possibilities are legion.

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> Subject: Samba and disk quotas
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> Hello,
> I've been searching the archives and, while I haven't found and answer =
> to my question, I get the impression
> the answer is no, but I would like to ask you guys anyway.
> Is it possible to have Samba display the "out of disk space" dialog (or, =
> alternatively, just
> a warning dialog) when the soft limit is broken (as opposed to the hard =
> limit)?
> The reason for thsi is that I want mail to be delivered even if the user =
> surpasses the
> his/hes quota limit (wihout going through too much trouble with having =
> mail delivered to a
> bunch of weird locations). [1]
> Any ideas?
> I can think of alternate solutions, but none of them are even remotely =
> as "nice" as having Samba
> cut them off at the soft limit.
> [1] It's a qmail setup and mail is delivered to Maildir mailboxes, so =
> mail is not stored in /Var/spool/mail
> Thanks!
> / Peter Schuller
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