Tim Rotunda trotunda at
Thu Jun 10 22:38:03 GMT 1999

I am implementing the latest version of Samba on HP-UX 11.0.  The build and
install went without obvious errors or problems.  I have a Win95 (old
version, no service packs loaded), 2 Win98, and 1 WinNT 4 SP4 machines which
I am testing with.

The 95 machine works fine.  The 98 machine's can see the samba server but
are denied access and the NT machine can't even see the server and reports
that "The Computer or sharename can not be found".

Regarding the 98 machine, I added the entry into the registry for clear
password, but that did not effect change.

The NT machine won't even find the Samba server.

Question 1: Does the latest version (as of 6-9-99) include encrypted
password for the newer Win clients?

Question 2: Why does my NT box not even see the Samba server.  It only seems
to show other NT boxes and not the Win9x boxes, which seems like a fairly
large clue to someone clued in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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