Directory Permissions

Mike Oswell oswell at
Thu Jun 10 21:31:54 GMT 1999

I have set up several shares which our staff will have access to.  They
are central repositories where we will be storing things like documents
and drivers, etc.  I would like to allow staff to add items into the
shares, but to now be able to remove anything (Except maybe what they put

I have created a share called drivers:

       comment                 = General Hardware Drivers
        path                    = /data/samba/shares/drivers
        browsable               = yes 
        writable                = yes
        valid users             = @staff
        force create mode       = 0750
        force directory mode    = 0770

This way if a user creates a directory, it is group writable so that
anyone can drop stuff into it.  The problem arises when another user
decides to remove items in that directory that aren't his or hers.

Is it possible to stop users from being able to delete anything, yet still
allow them to create?  


Mike Oswell
Xcert International Inc

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