Do not use stock RedHat 6.0 kernels with SMBFS!

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Thu Jun 10 21:01:40 GMT 1999

"Michael H. Warfield" wrote:
>         Tridge and Luke and John and the rest of the Samba team don't want
> to go near that module.  That's why I ended up on the team dealing with
> smbmount.  And maintainership of smbfs did not go along with maintainership
> of smbmount.

Ummm, is *anyone* maintaining smbfs presently?

>         BTW...  The MAINTAINERS file is also wrong in the kernel sources.
> Volker is no longer maintaining smbfs (and hasn't for a long time) and the
> Samba mailing list was never the mailing list for smbfs (I just found out
> that it was listed there).

Is there a mailing list for smbfs?

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