Samba and disk quotas

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I've been searching the archives and, while I haven't found and answer to my question, I get the impression
the answer is no, but I would like to ask you guys anyway.

Is it possible to have Samba display the "out of disk space" dialog (or, alternatively, just
a warning dialog) when the soft limit is broken (as opposed to the hard limit)?

The reason for thsi is that I want mail to be delivered even if the user surpasses the
his/hes quota limit (wihout going through too much trouble with having mail delivered to a
bunch of weird locations). [1]

Any ideas?

I can think of alternate solutions, but none of them are even remotely as "nice" as having Samba
cut them off at the soft limit.

[1] It's a qmail setup and mail is delivered to Maildir mailboxes, so mail is not stored in /Var/spool/mail


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