Does have any real purpose?

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Thu Jun 10 09:37:38 GMT 1999

"Frank R. Brown" <list.Frank at> wrote:
>I see that (plus a little editing) would
>be a good way to set up users with "NO PASSWORD"
>in bulk.
>But suppose I don't want the risk of the "NO PASSWORD"
>approach.  Now somebody with root access must run
>smbpasswd for each user they want to activate.  But can't
>I just do this anyway (with the -a 'add user' option), without
>ever having run
>Please clue me in if I'm missing something here.

Try this:

    # smbpasswd -a newuser
    # smbpasswd newuser defaultpassword

The smbpasswd command can take a new password from command line option.
This feature is undocumented option :-).

NOTE: Anyone can see command line options in any proceses by
using the ps command. (BSD-style `ps` only?)

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