DESKTOP.INI amd & DNS puzzle

Simon Barnes barnes at
Thu Jun 10 09:10:52 GMT 1999

>This situation can cause problems on Solaris 2.6 and higher also. If 
/ is 
>shared out by Samba and a client opens /home, all home directories 
>will be automounted because Explorer looks for desktop.ini in each of
>the home directories. In our case that's 5400 mounts. Has anybody 
>else run into this situation and come up with a way to avoid all the 

You can switch off browsable automount points in Solaris
by adding "nobrowse" to the list of options in the mount map.
Of course, this removes a useful feature which works efficiently
in its own environment.

What one would really like is a way of configuring Windows _not_
to search every neighbouring sub-directory for desktop.ini.
With any share containing many sub-directories this must
impose a considerable burden on the server.


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