Looping in FIND_NEXT

Jonathon Padfield olorin at netlink.com.au
Thu Jun 10 05:56:19 GMT 1999

I've setup Samba 2.04b (installed by RPM) with Linux 2.2.9 and WfWg
3.11. Currently my Win3.11 box can see and access Samba Shares, and the
IP masquerading works great for inet access (although the microsoft
tcp/ip stack is a little dodgy). I have a printer attached to the
Win3.11 box which I've managed to print out simple text files on, and
I'm sure eventually web pages etc. The problem is when I try to connect
to the windows box, its a) slow, unless I specify the IP address and b)
I cant list directories, it just gives an error saying 'Error: Looping
in FIND_NEXT??'. I know smbclient works, because I've used it on remote
NT shares, and over the net with Scour.Net. Any ideas?

Jonathon Padfield

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