Tuýrkish Character Set

Mustafa BASER bmustafa at obl.bilkent.edu.tr
Wed Jun 9 12:10:40 GMT 1999


>I believe smbclient and smbd use these to convert filenames between
>\241 is an octal number
>\241\244 says that the character with number \241 in cp852, should be
>         replaced by \244 in iso-8859-2

I looked at cp857 (Turkish) from microsoft site and saw that location of Turkish
characters in cp857 and iso8859-9 are not the same. For example the character 
158 (oct 236) in cp857 must be mapped to 222 (oct 336) in iso8859-9. This
cahracter is an S with a cedille below. Like Ccedille. So the table should be


I prepared a table for Turkish characters. The table is


There are 12 characters to be mapped. I added this table to charcnv.c in the
sources. The file I prepared is attached with this mail. I also prepared a

I compiled Samba with this new charcnv.c and installed. I set "log level=10" to
see if there is something wrong. And the followings in the [global] section in

character set=iso8859-9
client code page = 857

When I started samba, there is nothing wrong in the log file. Everything seems
good. That is it found the charset iso8859-9 and set and also codepage 857.

>From windows 95 I try to create folders with Turkish cahracters on a shared
directory on Samba.

Nothing changed. Again Win95 cannot see the newly created directory and in Linux
the name of the newly created directory is nonsense.

Am I doing the things correct? or missed something.

Thanks for your advise.

>Anything that is the same in both codepages can be left out.
>smbclient does not translate share names or server comments, so you might
>cola:~>smbclient -L xyz -N
>         Server               Comment
>        ---------            -------
>         FOO                  B*R
>(where * is a black square for me since it doesn't map onto anything
>This is probably a bug (or is it not allowed to use such servernames/
>sharenames/comments?). If this is your problem then simply adding a
>codepage is not going to be enough.

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