Mailing list

Levent Gündogdu levon at
Wed Jun 9 12:17:19 GMT 1999

Hey Gonzalo!

This is definately true. It takes a lot of steps to answer a mail in
this list,
you have to set up the subject and the quoting manually, and then you
to copy the From-Header manually to make sure, the user get's a copy of
the mail, too.

It would be very nice to use Majordomo...


>Is there any reason why the people that run the SAMBA mailing list
can't use
>software like majordomo or something similar?
>Having the all-in-one type email every day or whatever is not as easy
>use/read/reply .. would be a lot nicer for them to use Majordomo.

>Anyway, it was just a commment/suggestion :-)

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