DESKTOP.INI amd & DNS puzzle

Michael G. Hudgell em97mgh at
Wed Jun 9 00:04:47 GMT 1999

well desktop.ini is the file windows uses to detect what is in the directory
and is used, for example, by the briefcase to tell windows it is not an
ordinary folder.

When implementing a shell namespace extension:

"You can also use a directory as your junction point. If your operating
system supports long file names, you can use the CLSID of your namespace
extension as the file extension of a folder (MyFolder.{20D....}. Otherwise,
you can create a directory, change its file attributes to read-only, and
place a file called Desktop.ini in it. This simple text file is made up of
the following:



No idea why /proc is searched when a share is R/O and not rooted at /, but
the above should explain why the others are looked up in a root R/O share,
which perhaps you have?

The help file I am reading appears to IE4.01+, I don't know whether this is
default behaviour for an default WIN32 install.

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> Samba is not at fault. I have seen this with NFS.
> Client: Win95a with FTP Software's Interdrive95 PCNFS client
> Server: Sun E4500, Solaris 2.6 with no smb services of any kind.
> When attempting to mount exported filesystems, I have seen Windows look
> for DESKTOP.INI in hundreds of places (and cases) before finally giving up
> and moving on.
> ...
> On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, David A. De Graaf wrote:
> > I have long been puzzled at the DNS lookups that occur whenever a
> > local client tries to view a share on a local server.  My local
> > ....
> > Whenever a client tries to view a share, the server goes through quite
> > a dance.  With  'debug level = 4'  I can see in the log.client file
> > many attempts to find and open  'DESKTOP.INI".  Samba looks in several
> > places for this non-existent file before giving up:
> >
> >
> > It is the last two tries that provoke diald, because  amd  interprets
> > this as an attempt to auto-mount machine "DESKTOP.INI" at /net.
> > Since it doesn't know of any such machine, it sends out a DNS request
> > to resolve this name.  It fails, of course, but not until the official
> > DNS server gives up.  After a LOOOONG delay, the originally requested
> > share is opened and displayed to the client.
> > ...
> > I suppose only God and Mr. Bill know for sure why DESKTOP.INI is
> > needed, and why samba looks in such unlikely places for it.
> > I'll pray for an answer, because Mr. Bill surely won't tell.
> >
> > But maybe some wise mortal out there knows, and will tell us.
> > I wish I didn't have to enumerate to  amd  the machines to allow,
> > just because samba looks in funny places for this file.
> >
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