Semaphore has timed out on HPUX 10.20

Maierhofer Erich maierhofer_e at
Tue Jun 8 18:45:35 GMT 1999


I have a problem with samba 2.0.3 on HPUX 10.20 (HP9000-T600) my
smb.conf is configured to use a NT4.0 PDC for verifying user passwords
and I have added the HPUX to the domain.
If i connect from an MS-DOS PC to the Samba on the UX all works fine,
the PC connects to the Unix machine and can the Access the Samba Shares.

If I want connect to Samba from a NT4.0 Workstation, I get no connect.
After 1 minute I get the message "The Semaphore has timed out".
I can see the Samba Machine in the NT Server Manager and when I want to
see all ressources from this machine with \\samba-server I also get the
message "The semaphore has timed out"
Does anyone knows about this problems on HPUX ?
If I use the same smb.conf file on a Suse Linux 6.0 all works fine and
also NT-Workstions con connect to the FileShares.

Thanks Erich
maierhofer_e at

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