password server log question

tyler hudak trevlix at
Tue Jun 8 13:46:22 GMT 1999


  i've setup a password server to make my life easier.  everything
seems to work ok except I keep getting a weird message in the log files
on the password server.  in the smb log file I get

[1999/06/08 09:38:06, 1] smbd/password.c:pass_check_smb(528)
  smbpassword_check failed.  Invalid password given for use 'mega'

mega is the user that connects.  the user can access the shares without
any problems.  It seems to be validating OK.  Why am I getting that
message?  The password server is using 2.0.3 and the samba server which
the shares are on is using 2.0.0.  Thanks.

  tyler hudak
  trevlix at
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