samba digest 2114

Tulipánt Gergely greg at
Tue Jun 8 10:51:15 GMT 1999

Was there a digest #2114? I haven't got it.
I've expected an answer but couldn't find it in the archive.
So I ask it again, briefly.
   I'd like to change Samba passwords from win95 and NT4 clients.
   I use security=user.
   I don't give shell access to every user, so they can't use smbpasswd.
   I've tested from a win95 client with the precompiled
   samba-2.0.4b.i386.rpm (had the same problem with samba-1.9.18p10-5):
   net pass \\greg greg test1 test2
   I'd used smbpasswd to change greg's password to test1 on host greg
   prior to this. Here's the
   smbpasswd file:
   # SMB password file.
   Net pass has failed with error code 86.
   I don't send all the log this time, but will on demand.
   [1999/05/31 18:40:14, 0] smbd/chgpasswd.c:check_lanman_password(518)
     check_lanman_password: old password doesn't match.
   How come "old password doesn't match" when I can connect to the
   services with that password?
   I also noted that I can't even get this far, if I'm not logged on
   locally with the correct username/password. (An NT "server" lets you
change your/anyone's password without having to be logged on first.)
   And what is the normal way to change your password from NT?
Is this supposed to work or shall I write my own password changing daemon?

Is there a way to grab the password list from a domain the samba server is
not in without using pwdump.exe on the NT server?

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