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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Jun 8 05:37:06 GMT 1999

> Having the all-in-one type email every day or whatever is not as easy to
> use/read/reply .. would be a lot nicer for them to use Majordomo.

err, that has nothing to do with what list processer we use. 

try going to and use the web interface to
change your subscription to ACK from DIGEST. Then you'll get each mail
as a separate message.

I have listproc setup to use DIGEST by default as it reduces the load
on the server. Now that we explode our mail via a US relay that isn't
so much of a problem (before we did that it cost us thousands in
network traffic charges to host this list).

I may change list processor on Samba some day, as listproc does have
problems and isn't really maintainable (due to the silly license) but
it won't be until I have several days free to do it. It takes a _lot_
of effort to convert 20 busy lists with thousands of subscribers, web
archives and interfaces to a new list processor. I've done it once
before and know how much work it is. Meanwhile we stay with listproc.

Cheers, Tridge

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