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Andreas Klein enscribed thusly:

> Hello,

> I_m having trouble with smbmount & WinNT 4.0 SP 4 Workstation.
> Mounting shares on NT from Linux as root is no problem, but 
> if I try to mount shares as a normal user, the directory I want
> to mount the share, becomes gid root and cannot be accessed by 
> a normal user.
> Is there any configuration to do for this like setting permissions
> in smb.conf ?
> Thanks in advance 

	You don't say what kernel version you are running.  If you are
running a 2.0.x kernel, this information is not going to be totally
accurate (since the smbmount syntax is different).

	Add the -d {dir_perms} to the -c "mount {mount_point}" command.


	smbmount //server/share PASSWORD -U USER -c "mount /mnt/winnt -d 755"

	A similar option exists for the old smbmount.

> Andreas Klein

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