Out of file structure = new samba bug ? (2.0.4b)

EFT.Eric Devolder eric.devolder at eft.be
Mon Jun 7 09:20:21 GMT 1999

Hi everyone,

As We use intensively samba, we recently upgraded from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4b
(containing new ACL support for NT).
However, as time passes, we encountered the following problems; for still an
unknown reason, the connection with some clients (NT) are dropped, and the
log files of samba indicates "Out of file structure" if file smbd/files.c,
function file_new(), line 85.

The way to recover from this is to log out on the client side and to relog
on. At the server side, it is necessary to kill the remaining smbd process
wich shall never be used again, to make it drop its resources.

We plan now to come back to 2.0.3 ( not happily in fact ), and as I've seen
on samba mailing list and comp.protocols.smb newsgroup, I'm not the only one
to get this problem.

If anyone can find what's going on, I would be happy ! I can of course give
back more information if needed. (configs, log files, and so on).

Enjoy Samba :)


Eric DEVOLDER <mailto:eric.devolder at eft.be>

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