Newbie questions

Paul Chung Chee Soong HCSCCS at
Mon Jun 7 11:15:40 GMT 1999

Hi. I'm a newbie here and I have some questions to ask :

Is there a limit to the number of hosts allowed in the allow hosts   
Can I replace the IP address in the allow hosts entry, with the user's id   
(linux user)? The userids will be in the /etc/hosts file.
Can I authenticate using NT Server authentication rather than Linux? If   
possible, any clues to go about it?
User sometimes get hang when connecting with a share directory even   
though his IP address is in the allow hosts list. Why is it so? Part of   
the share directory section are as below:

 service type=fileservice
 comment=dbx file system
 only guest=yes
 create mask=0777
 hosts allow=18,37,17,15,,,,,, 18.  

Please send to my email address as well. Thank you very much.

Paul Chung
(hcsccs at  

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