Error Messages on Terminal

Ken Walker kwalker at
Sun Jun 6 13:57:03 GMT 1999

I am using Samba for print serving on a home network that consists of
one Win98 machine and one running Red Hat 6.  I am getting along well
but have come up against a problem I don't know how to solve.

On the linux machine where samba is running, when I am in a text based
terminal (doesn't show in KDE) I get various nmbd messages scrolling
across my screen, messages that look like nmbd doing its thing.  I would
think that these should be going to a log file instead of on to the
screen. where they display right over top of midnight commmander.  They
disappear when I type "clear".

My hunch is that there is a debug level turned on relating to nmbd that
produces these messages and then some other setting that makes them come
up on the screen rather than in a log file.  But then again, I don't
really know.

Any ideas?

Ken Walker
kwalker at

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