PAM support (retracted)

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sun Jun 6 01:19:51 GMT 1999

Howdy all:

Thanks to Jerry Carter for correcting some of my earlier babbling.

And thanks to Stephen Langasek <vorlon at> and "Sean E. 
Millichamp" <sean at> for setting the record straight on 
PAM support:

> I said (without checking first):

> > PAM should already be installed on *any* linux distribution (it's
> > standard on linux and solaris).  I've never heard of PAM_NTdom,
> > but you can find PAM docs on the Sun support site, as well as in
> > your linux /usr/doc tree.
> This is by no means the case.  PAM is originally the work of Sun
> Microsystems, and there is an XSSO spec; it was only a couple of
> years ago that RedHat became the first Linux distro to support it by
> means of the Linux-PAM package.  Since then, several other distros
> have moved toward accepting it, but I don't know that any of them
> recommend, let alone enforce, the use of PAM on their systems.

It's been so long since I played with debian or slackware that I 
started to forget how different RedHat is (in some ways) from other 
linux distributions.  Sorry for posting without thinking.  But I 
think it's been more than a "couple of years" for RedHat's PAM 
stuff; I'm sure it was there when I started with RedHat 2.1 (I 

PAM is definitely standard on RedHat (and on derivatives like 
Mandrake) and solaris (since Sun came up with it in the first 

At least I got some of you more knowledgeable folks to speak up and 
correct me (I suppose it's better for the rest of the audience than 
no responses at all :).

I'll have to watch myself from now on (at least when I get my 
network back up I'll have access to the server docs and be able to 
test some of these things again).

Regards, Steve

Steve Arnold           

   "A mime is a terrible thing to waste..."   Mel Brooks

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