Connecting to 1.9.18p10 from DOS boot diskette

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sun Jun 6 01:01:55 GMT 1999

On 5 Jun 99, "Jayson Garrett" <Garrett at> had questions about 
Connecting to 1.9.18p10 from DOS boot diskette:  

> I'm trying to connect to aSamba 1.9.18p10 share on my HP-UX 10.20 host,
> using an MS-DOS boot diskette (well, actually a Windows 95 boot diskette,
> but relying on the DOS-style protocol stack, etc.).
> When I issue the same username and password that I use to connect to that
> share from my Windows NT client, I get an invalid password message.
> Two things come to mind: is the DOS client sending my username in
> uppercase rather than lowercase? Or is the DOS client encrypting the
> password, like post-SP3 NT clients do? (I used the EnablePlainTextPassword
> option on my NT boxes to take care of that, btw) Or is it something else I
> haven't thought of yet? <G>

AFAIK, the DOS client sends the password uppercase (like most M$ 
clients) but does not encrpyt it.  I couldn't find much specific to 
DOS clients in the samba docs, but there are numerous references in 
the smb.conf man page.  Check it out.


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