Connecting to 1.9.18p10 from DOS boot diskette

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> Subject: Connecting to 1.9.18p10 from DOS boot diskette
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> I'm trying to connect to aSamba 1.9.18p10 share on my HP-UX 10.20
> host, using an MS-DOS boot diskette (well, actually a Windows 95 boot
> diskette, but relying on the DOS-style protocol stack, etc.).
> When I issue the same username and password that I use to connect to
> that share from my Windows NT client, I get an invalid password
> message.
> Two things come to mind: is the DOS client sending my username in
> uppercase rather than lowercase? Or is the DOS client encrypting the
> password, like post-SP3 NT clients do? (I used the
> EnablePlainTextPassword option on my NT boxes to take care of that,
> btw) Or is it something else I haven't thought of yet? <G>
> If anyone has any ideas, fixes, or workarounds please let me know.
> BTW, the diskette was produced by the IC3 client-disk producer; the
> point of all this is so I can create an image of my hard drive using
> IC3 and put it on my HP-UX box for safekeeping.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
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Well, fortunately, that's exactly the same situation I found myself in a
month or so ago.  We're using HPUX 10.20, Samba 2.0.4b, Win95 on PCs and
Virtual PCs, and IC3.  So far, we've successfully cloned 5 labs this way
and made it possible for <ahem> technically challenged support staff to
rebuild the same PCs.

Here's what you want to do:

On your boot diskette, edit your config.sys, adding himem.sys and
emm386.exe.  This gives you a tad more memory, which you'll need.

In your autoexec.bat, change the "net start" line to "net start full", to
load the full workstation redirector, not the basic redirector.  This lets
you use plaintext passwords (your guess about encryption, above, was
right, btw).

<nonSamba topic>
I'm including a cutdown version of my autoexec.bat and config.sys files to
show how we did the above and managed the postconfig injector files. YMMV.  
Note that is a batch file utility, and I don't recall if it
came with Windows or not (sorry). Also note that we went this route
(client pull), instead of using the multicasting push features of IC3,
because our Telecomm department screamed about excess net traffic whenever
I used multicasting.
I expect we'll be able to move forward in a few decades, when those guys
figure out how to put in switches instead of the current dumb hubs they
</nonSamba topic>

<---config.sys starts--->
REM [CONFIG.SYS : Created by ImageCast ClientBuilder 3/12/99]
<---config.sys ends--->

<---autoexec.bat starts--->
REM [AUTOEXEC.BAT : Created by ImageCast ClientBuilder 3/12/99]
prompt $p$g
cd net
net initialize /dynamic
net start full
net use H: \\<smbhost>\<ImageCastShare>
cd client
echo Enter the letter of the menu item (PC #) you're working on:
echo A) PC01
echo B) PC02
echo C) PC03
a:\choice /c:abcd
if errorlevel 4 goto 4
if errorlevel 3 goto 3
if errorlevel 2 goto 2
if errorlevel 1 goto 1

set PC=01
goto end

set PC=02
goto end

set PC=03
goto end

client -nolic -mode=f -src=h:\images\<ImageFile>.imc -tgt=1 -pc=h:\PConfigs\<PostConfigTemplate>%PC%.IPC
<---autoexec.bat ends--->


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