Need help with WIN98 printer

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Jun 5 16:46:48 GMT 1999

On Sat, 5 Jun 1999, Stephen L Arnold wrote:

> On 5 Jun 99,jim <jed at> had questions about Need help 
> with WIN98 printer:  
> > I would like to set up my small home network so that when I want
> > to print anything from a linux box, it is directed to an HP-500
> > on my WIN98 box.Can anyone suggest how to go about doing this?
> > Copies of a configuration file (smb.conf??) would be appreciated. 

Since the linux box is a client in this case there is nothing in smb.conf
to configure. It's all about using smbclient properly (connect to the
printer share with smbclient, use the print command on a
text/postscript/pcl5 file ... whee, it printed (hopefully :))

> You don't need samba to do this, just the smbfs support in the 
> kernel (and something like RedHat's printtool to make it easy).  If 

Really? I didn't know smbfs did anything more than "filesharing".

printtool sets up so that a filter is run when you send things to your
local printer device (correct name?). This filter converts your input to
what the printer expects (assuming you configure it correctly, of course).

That filter is (at least on RH 5.0):

I had to modify the last line so that the path to smbclient was correct,
if no output appears when you print you may want to check that.
(but then I don't really use the rpm-system, if you installed samba as an
rpm this should be fine)


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