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> Now my question. We also want to work the other way around. So
> mounting a Windows NT share as an Unix (AIX) filesystem. I found
> it very hard on finding information on that subject. So can you
> tell me what the best option is (smbsh, smbfs or smbmount) ? 
> We have now a workaround using SMBCLIENT. The disadvantage of
> this is that it isn't a permanent situation such as a filesystem.
> Also somewhere you must hardcode the NT Username and Password.
> Just to remind you we are running on AIX 4.2. 

I'm not sure about smbfs support for AIX (I'm a linux guy).  With 
linux, smbfs is just another filesystem supported by the kernel.  
smbclient and smbmount are inter-related, and both rely on the 
smbfs support in the kernel.  With AIX, it must be kluged on there 
somehow.  I think your best bet would be smbsh, but I haven't used 
it yet (only read posts by others who have).

If it's an IBM PowerPC machine, is there a chance the PPC version 
of linux would run on it?  Just a thought...


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