NT4 login (again)

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat Jun 5 03:58:06 GMT 1999

On 5 Jun 99, "Robert Aldridge" <RALDRIDG at gulf-states.com> had 
questions about logging in from NT:  

> >From an NT workstation, I open Network Neighborhood.  I can see
> my Linux server listed (GRASS).  When I try to connect to it, it
> prompts me for a user name and password.  I've tried every
> combination of username/password that I can think of, but every
> time, I get an error message: 
> \\Grass is not accessible.
> The account is not authorized to login from this station.

This an artifact of NT.  In the winNT.txt file in the samba docs, 
it states that NT4SP3 trying to connect to samba in user level 
security will not browse until you have an open connection.  Go to 
a command prompt and map a samba share with the Net Use command 
(specify your samba username via the command line switch).  Then 
try browsing the samba server in NetHood (it should work fine).

Do you have a mapping (in /etc/smbusers or wherever the smbusers 
file is) for the NT hostname <-> samba username?

> I know that my problem is that I'm new to Linux and have never
> used Samba, but its a problem none-the-less. 

Most of the problems are due to poor design, coding, and 
documentation on the M$ side.  And after you've used linux for a 
while, you'll learn to read the stuff in the /usr/doc tree ;-)


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