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Sat Jun 5 03:58:06 GMT 1999

On 5 Jun 99, "Viral H. Shah" <noeticsolutions at> had 
questions about Implementing Shares:  

> I want ONLY 'nhs' and 'vhs' to have read only access to
> '/usr/iso9001/edp' directory. Nobody else should be able to view this
> share. How do I implement this? In the smb.conf file I have the
> following parameters declared for this share -
>    comment = ISO files for the EDP department
>    path = /usr/iso9001/edp
>    valid users = nhs, vhs
>    public = no
>    read only = yes
> This works fine when 'nhs' or 'vhs' logs in. However, when 'abc' logs
> in, he is able to see the share in the Network Neighborhood even though
> he cannot access it. How do I make shares for particular sets of users
> visible only to them and nobody else?

The last time I played with it, that's exactly the way the "valid 
users" parameter worked (but I haven't tried 2.x yet), ie, only the 
valid users could "see" the share in NetHood.  I suppose you could 
set it to "browsable = no" and then map the share to a local drive, 
but then your valid users wouldn't see it in NetHood either.  
Should be workable though (even more like Netware, eh?).


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