Implementing Shares

Joel jwknight at
Sat Jun 5 01:33:21 GMT 1999

Hi there. Try using the 'browsable = no' directive. See 'man smb.conf' for
more info ;) As I understand it, with that directive set, only the 'valid
users' should be able to see that share, and all others will not. Haven't
actually implemented this yet.

On Sat, Jun 05, 1999 at 10:08:35AM +1000, Viral H. Shah wrote:

> Hi!
> I am using RHL 5.2 and Samba 2.0.2. I have the SAMBA acting as the PDC
> in the network where most of the clients are Win95. Earlier we had a
> Novell Netware Network and I decided to shift over to Linux/Samba. I am
> having trouble implementing certain shares. The exact problem is
> described below:
> I want ONLY 'nhs' and 'vhs' to have read only access to
> '/usr/iso9001/edp' directory. Nobody else should be able to view this
> share. How do I implement this? In the smb.conf file I have the
> following parameters declared for this share -
>    comment = ISO files for the EDP department
>    path = /usr/iso9001/edp
>    valid users = nhs, vhs
>    public = no
>    read only = yes
> This works fine when 'nhs' or 'vhs' logs in. However, when 'abc' logs
> in, he is able to see the share in the Network Neighborhood even though
> he cannot access it. How do I make shares for particular sets of users
> visible only to them and nobody else?
> ===
> Viral Shah


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