Joel jwknight at cyberlink.bc.ca
Sat Jun 5 01:29:47 GMT 1999

I use this kind of setup on my samba 1.9.18p10 server and it works just
fine. In fact, all the unix file perms are enforced, just be sure that the
user(s) that are connect to the samba server are in the correct group,
etc on the unix box.

On Sat, Jun 05, 1999 at 10:07:06AM +1000, Mike Oswell wrote:
> Does samba take advantage of the /etc/group file?  Reason I ask is that I
> would like to share information between a group of people and make it
> readable (ie. perms=0770) only to those people and the owner.  I have
> tried quickly with a recent samba release (v2.0.2) and it did not seem to
> work.
> Comments?
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> Michael Oswell


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