Samba will not work

Mario Guerrero mariosworld at
Fri Jun 4 18:21:59 GMT 1999

Hello all,

I Samba Adminostrator in training, so you will have to exuse me if I
sound totally green.  I am setting up 
Samba on Solaris 2.5.1 with NT, and 95 clients.  I have installed the
compiled Samba version 2.0.3 on my Solaris server.  The server name is
bud, which is also a NIS server and a primary DNS server.  I am having
problems authenticating to bud and mounting home directries.  NIS and
DNS are working fine on the Unix side of the house.  When I browse the
network from an NT client I see bud as a server, but when I double
click and try to logon from the NT client I get a pop up error/login

incorrect password or unknown username for 
connect as:

I try to connect as a user that I created under \export\home\user and I
get another error saying:

Bud is not accessible
The specified username is invalid

Below is the output from my smb.conf file: 

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from bud (
# Date: 1999/06/04 10:34:07
# Global parameters
        netbios name = BUD
        netbios aliases = bud
        interfaces =
        unix password sync = Yes
        printcap name = lpstat -v
        homedir map = /etc/yp/auto.home
        NIS homedir = Yes
        hosts allow =
        path = /tmp
        print ok = Yes
        printer name = hp_lj5000

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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