Password problem with Win95 not remembering

craig heading tasdevil at
Fri Jun 4 09:05:18 GMT 1999

I am having a problem which is driving my crazy in that windows refuses
to remember the password, i.e. every time the computer is turned on I am
prompted to re-enter the password. I have deleted the .pwl files and
tried again and even a brand new fresh install of win95 osr2 does the
samne thing.

My main login is to a Novell server (on IPX). I also run NetBeui and
client for ms-windows on this first card.
I then run TCP on a 2nd adaptor in the machine which has client for
ms-windows on it also.

Debugging through samba, i discovered that Windows 95 is actually
sending the computer's novell password to samba, and NOT the password
that i type in on the connect-to password box. If I then change the
windows password for the machine, it then sends that password. strange.
Obviously if I set all the passwords the same it will work perfectly
(and it does).

Anyone know why this is happening and how to rectify it? its driving me
crazy entering 3 passwords every time i turn the computer on (1 x novell
and 2 samba shares).

thank you

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