Samba as a member of a NT domain - questions

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Fri Jun 4 08:01:19 GMT 1999

On 4 Jun 99, "Bas Smit" <bassmit at> had questions about 
Samba as a member of a NT domain - questions:  

> The solution I thought of was installing PAM_NTdom, to let linux
> authenticate users via and PDC as wel. That way all of my users
> are registered on the PDC. Whenever someone goes to the Linux
> machine (either through samba, or direct) the machine asks the
> PDC. But it didn't work, because I think that SuSE does not
> support PAM modules? Does anyone know if that is correct? Or can
> I install that?

PAM should already be installed on *any* linux distribution (it's 
standard on linux and solaris).  I've never heard of PAM_NTdom, but 
you can find PAM docs on the Sun support site, as well as in your 
linux /usr/doc tree.


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