Win95/98 cannot, but NT can!

Wei Yang weiy at
Thu Jun 3 18:04:31 GMT 1999

Dear Sir:

I just installed Samba 2.0.3 in one of our Solaris 2.6 box. One problem I
have is that all of NT 4.0 workstations and servers are fine to connect
with the Samba server but not Window's 95/98. From 95/98, you may see the
Samba server and even map to a drive to the Samba server's share but cannot
get into it. For example, I can map E: to one of share directories in the
Samba server. Then I can see there are a file called TEST.HTML and a
subdirectory called SRC under the drive E:. But when I double-click this
TEST.HTML file or the SRC subdirectory, I will get an error message says
"The file E:\TEST.HTML doesn't exist" or "The folder E:\SRC doesn't exist".
 Does anyone know how to fix the problem? 

Thanks in advance.


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