How to kill network connections to samba machines.

Paul Lantinga PLantinga at
Thu Jun 3 16:49:13 GMT 1999

Greetings all and thanks again to the samba team for such an excellent piece
of software!

Say, I'm sitting at my NT workstation in NT domain A and connect to a samba
server in NT domain B by giving my name and password combo as:
username:  b\paul
password:  <whatever>

I'm now authenticated on this server.  Great.  Ok, now I want to disconnect
completely and utterly from this samba server and connect as someone else.
I thought at first that opening a command window on my workstation and
typing net session \\samba-server /delete would do it, but it doesn't.  In
fact, whenever I type 'et session', it tells me that 'There are no entries
in the list.'  Checking in the server manager doesn't show much either.  I'm
running, by the way, samba 2.0.3 on my unix boxes.

Of course, logging out of my NT ws or restarting my box will resolve it, but
I'd rather not have to logout to authenticate as a different user.

I even tried using the force.  Didn't work.

Thanks, Paul Lantinga.
(I'm a digest subscriber currently so I won't see replies until the next
digest comes out unless you also cc me!)

Systems Engineer
ExtendMedia Inc.

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