NT Client Authentication with Samba Printing

adam adam at du.edu
Wed Jun 2 17:18:41 GMT 1999

Hello all,

I'm about to set up many NT machines with generic logins and I need to
log printer useage. My problem is that NT doesn't seem to handle
rejection very well (you'd think it would by now...). This is a
university computer lab enviornment with clients running WinNT4.0SP5, a
Samba 1.9 server on DU4.0b and ppr as the printing daemon/accounting

The NT logins are necessarily different from the unix password file and
this is creating problems. From what I've found, if I log into NT with
account A, which does not exist in the password file, and try to print
to a samba printer, the job disappears - no log, no error, nothing. If I
then map a drive to that samba server using account B, I can print and
everything is wonderful. It would be nice if  NT would prompt the user
for identification in the same way it does when one tries to map a
network drive, with the "connect as:" and "password" dialogue box. What
I'm seeing is that the network drive will use any identification
supplied by the user but printing uses the NT operating system login ID.
Has anyone out there encountered and/or overcome this?

I'd also really like to force a reauthentication every time someone
tries to print - any ideas? Revalidate does not work here.

Thanks for your time, I'll summarize.

adam r. christopher
unix/nt systems administrator
university of denver

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