Controlling unix print queues from PC

Michal Jezierski heja at
Wed Jun 2 13:24:18 GMT 1999

> >> I've defined a printer in smb.conf, from a PC (NT 4.0) I can send prints
> >> to it and view the queue OK but I can't manage the queue in any way.
> >> Attempts to cancel prints and stop or start the queue from the PC have
> >> no effect - not even any messages in the logs.
> >>
> >> The unix print queue is set up OK and reacts to local lpc, lpq, lpr and
> >> lprm commands just fine.
> >
> >For any user?
> No, just the sysadmins responsible for the NT boxes.
> The object of the exercise is to replace a variety of different dumb
> network print server boxes with some surplus low end PCs as Samba print
> servers running Linux. For this solution to gain favour with the NT
> administrators I'll have to offer them (at least) the same level of
> control as they already have.
> [snip]
> >Try to set writeable=yes
> >
> >Also check permissions on samba spool directory (sticky bit set?).
> Yes tried writeable=yes and chmod 777 and 1777, still nothing :-(

Check BOTH samba and lpd spool dirs (and try to experiment). Sticky bit
allows users to manage their and only their files in root owned
directories. If you want to grant sysadmins certain rights, consider the
following setup (there are other possibilities, I suspect):

Create a UNIX account that can manage lpd with no restrictions (e.g. by
changing the owner of the spool directory - you probably have to do the
same with samba spool or set up the same spool dir both for lpd and
samba by setting the path parameter for respective shares in smb.conf).
Map sysadmins' usernames to this account (username map parameter), or
create a separate group - be careful as samba differently processes
additional groups, but in this setup it should work. Consider setting
force user parameter for these shares, so the spool files will always be
created with proper UIDs.




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